LA PITA SUNVALLEY EMERALDS LLC is the international distribution arm of La Pita Mines, a renowned Colombian emerald mine that contains one of the largest and highest quality emerald deposits in Colombia. We are currently appointing sight holders from the world's leading gemstone houses and jewelry manufacturers to cut, finish, and distribute the high quality emerald rough that is produced at La Pita mines. La Pita Sun Valley Emeralds believes in maintaining operational standards of the highest integrity and diligently works to help the Emerald market grow ethically and efficiently.


With offices in Texas and Colombia, La Pita Sun Valley Emeralds focuses on maximizing the ethical and transparent global distribution of the fine natural Colombian emeralds produced at La Pita mines.

The La Pita mine is one of the more recently discovered emerald deposits in Colombia. It lies between Muzo and Cosquez in the Maripi mining district of the Boyaca Department along the aptly named Rio Minero (translates to Mining River). This mine is thought to contain one of the largest emerald deposits in Colombia and has become arguably the most commercially important emerald mine currently being exploited in Colombia, accounting for 60 to 70 percent of the annual Colombian emerald production. In recent years production has been drastically high.