This 472 carat Rough Natural Colombian Emerald was discovered from the La Pita mine, It is the largest and finest single crystal that has been mined in decades. Uncovered in August 2009, it represents the culmination of an emerald bonanza that yielded over 300 million dollars of emeralds from Muzo and La Pita Emerald Mines in just over a year.

Itoco is the name for a promontory visible from the La Pita Sun Valley Emeralds Mine, as well as a stream that flows nearby and washes the mine tailings. It is said that Itoco was the offspring of Fura and Tena, who were responsible for the creation of the world as it was known to the Muzo Indians, the first tribe of Indians to mine emeralds from those mountains. Also, the Itocoriver runs right by the La Pita Mine on its way to the Rio Minero.

The crystal measures four inches tall and one inch wide. It is all gem quality.