History of Fura and Tena

Long time ago, the beautiful queen named Fura reigned over Muzo with her husband Tena. The country was rich in fruits, and people enjoyed peaceful days. One day, the evil man with blond hair and blue eyes, named Chisgo appeared in this country. He pretended to be charmed by the queen and seek her love, for the purpose of robbing her of her land..,Queen Fura gave away to his temptation from mere caprice. At that moment the tragic history began.God Borbur , having found the unchasity of Queen Fura , punished her by turning her into a rock. Nevertheless, her husband Tena didn't give up his love for her, and , wishing being together with her, begged God to turn him also into a rock and lay down beside her, Seeing Tena turned into a rock and laid down in front of her, Fura shed tears at it. Tears ran down on the surface of the rock and was buried underground, changing into beautiful green stones. The more Fura's pain and suffer increased, the deeper tears reached, changing into the deeper-colored green stones. They are nothing but emeralds.Today, 5 km north of Muzo City we can find a steep mountain peak beside another lower one. Native inhabitants in Muzo call them Fura Tena.E FURA